A Snagging Inspection Of A New-Build Home Is Important

There is nothing quite like buying a brand-new home that has just been built, because it enables you to move straight into it without needing to do anything. No painting, decorating, wallpapering, clearing out rubbish from the garden, same with the garage, fixing a broken fence or even trimming a hedge. It’s all brand new.

Even better if you have designed the home yourself – obviously with the help of an architect to produce the drawings and make suggestions. This is because everything – yes, absolutely everything – is exactly the way that you wanted it to be. Your architect may even have recommended the company to build your dream home, so you know that everything is going to be great.

Or is it?

We’re sorry to sound a little downbeat, but the fact is that builders can, and do, make errors. In fact, they can make quite a lot of errors. There are a number of reasons for this – even if you have a building company that comes highly recommended and has great testimonials.

Builders Employ Humans

Most reputable builders will do everything that they can to ensure that your home is perfect, but even the most competent can miss things. After all, they employ people – humans – and none of us is perfect. This is why, if you are buying a brand-new home in Surrey, you need to have it checked over for any faults or flaws by an expert before you pay any money other than a deposit.

Checking for faults is what we do at New Build Snagging Specialists. We check absolutely everything for any snags that may be present and need attention. It is known as a snagging inspection in Surrey, and because of our many years of expertise we can spot things that lots of people would not. This can even include homeowners who may have lived in their home for some years, believe it or not. 

That is because we know what to look for and where to look. Many of the snags that we find are not serious in the sense that they can have an effect on the value of your home. However, there can even be faults with, for example, the foundations, which may not become apparent until some years have passed and could then cost a fortune to make good.

When you are spending say £200,000 or £300,000 – or maybe even a million or more – spending £300 or £400 on a snagging inspection in Surrey is a drop in the ocean. It is that important.