Our Services

Our Services

Discover Our Comprehensive Services for Your Property's Perfection

Each service is specifically designed to address different aspects of your property, providing you with a thorough assessment and peace of mind.


Snagging Inspections

Our Snagging Inspections are meticulous assessments of your property, covering every aspect from poor workmanship to incomplete finishes.

Apartments (3)

Apartment Inspections

Specifically tailored for apartment buyers, our Apartment Snagging Inspections cover all aspects of your new apartment, including fixtures, finishes, electrical systems, plumbing, and more.

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Our Re-Inspections service allows you to schedule a follow-up assessment to ensure that all defects identified in the initial snagging survey have been properly addressed.


Drone Inspections

These inspections are ideal for identifying structural issues, such as brickwork, chimneys, gutters, and roofs. Our CAA certified drone operators ensure safe and accurate assessments from above.


Thermal Inspections

This non-invasive technique allows us to identify issues related to insulation, heat loss, and potential energy inefficiencies without the need for disruptive investigations.


Sample Report

Curious about the level of detail in our inspection reports? Explore our Sample Report to get a glimpse of the comprehensive assessments we provide.