What Does It Cost To Have Your Brand-New Home Checked For Faults?

Making the decision to buy a newly built home is one of the most exciting things that many homeowners ever do. That is because it is in the perfect place and has everything constructed just as you want it. Not only that but being brand new it means that there is nothing to do. No decorating, plastering, flooring to deal with – it’s all new and will last for years!

Or will it? Here are the facts: according to the Home Builders Federation, no fewer than 94% of new build homeowners report at least one defect when the property has been completed!

Fair enough, a lot of those faults may be minor. A scratch on woodwork or tiling in the bathroom not quite correct for instance, although such things can be very annoying and not what you expect in a brand-new property.

Others Could Be Far More Serious

However, there can be other situations which could be far more serious. Certainly, your new home typically comes with a 10-year warranty, but there can be situations when a fault with the original building develops slowly over the years and may not appear within the warranty period. And it could cost you thousands to repair.

For instance, there can be issues with the plumbing which are not immediately apparent, and if you are not aware of them there is nothing that you can do about them. There can even be situations where the building foundations may not have been completed correctly.

All of these kinds of things are why you need a professional inspection for any snags, or potential snags, as soon as the home is completed. This is what we can provide you at New Build Snagging Specialists. Our team of professional snaggers can check over everything in your new home and provide you with a report of any and all snags so that they can be rectified before handover.

You might wonder what does a professional snagger cost? The answer is: not very much. In fact, when you consider how much even one fault might cost you in the future, it is very little indeed. We charge by the size of the home, which relates to the amount of time our inspection will take. So, for instance, a 2-bed home costs just £350.00.

When you consider that could save you many thousands down the line, our professional snagger cost is just a drop in the ocean.